Deploying NativeAI API

Once you have successfully generated API on NativeAI, you can easily deploy it on NativeCI: NativeAI

First, create a new repository in Github with your project: NativeAI github

Depending on your project type, create a file with the right extension, in my case, it is Python language, so I created file. Copy the API code from the code generated on NativeAI: NativeAI code

Finally, click "Commit changes..."

After that navigate to and click "Create project". Depending on your language, you can follow the guide specific for your case, by choosing the right language in the help window: NativeAI language

Finally, click "Create" and in a moment your project will be built and created.

After the build, you can visit the project by clicking on the "Link" button: NativeAI link

Finally, we have our project deployed, we can hit our endpoint /users and see the result: NativeAI link

You now have created full CI/CD pipeline, meaning everytime you change the code of your project, it will be automatically built and deployed.

Follow the guide here Custom subdomain to assign a custom endpoint to your API.

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