You can configure deployment settings for your project in "Deploy" tab: Deploy

The following settings can be configured:

Port to expose

If your application can be accessed over the internet (webapp, api etc.), choose this option and specify which port the application will listen on.

Deploy folder

If your build produces an output to a folder, specify which folder to use. For example, if your react project gets built into dist/ folder specify it in deploy folder.

For most of the applications, you can leave it as empty, meaning the whole source folder will be published for deployment.

Run command

Specify how your application should be launched after the build. For instance, node index.js for NodeJS or ./main for golang.

You can also specify any arguments you want like ./main server.


Each build is connected with a deployment. When the commit is made or build is triggered and the build was successful - it leads to a new deployment, meaning your application will be launched with the new version.

Stop deployment

You can always stop the current deployment, meaning your application will stop accepting requests.

Start deployment

When the application is in the state 'Down', you can start it again.

Restart deployment

When the application is misbehaving or you want to run your application from start, click 'Restart', which will prompt the application to restart.

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